Linux Kernel 5.12 Released

Linus Torvalds:

Thanks to everybody who made last week very calm indeed, which just
makes me feel much happier about the final 5.12 release.

Both the shortlog (appended) and the diffstat are absolutely tiny, and
it’s mainly just a random collection of small fixes in various areas:
arm64 devicetree files, some x86 perf event fixes (and a couple of
tooling ones), various minor driver fixes (amd and i915 gpu fixes
stand out, but honestly, that’s not because they are big, but because
the rest is even smaller), a couple of small reverts, and a few
locking fixes (one kvm serialization fix, one memory ordering fix for

Anyway, this obviously means that I’ll start the merge window for 5.13
tomorrow. But I’d ask that even developers champing at the bit to get
their shiny new code merged please spend a bit of time running and
checking out 5.12.

Despite the extra week, this was actually a fairly small release
overall. Judging by linux-next, 5.13 will be making up for it.

if you would like to play around with the latest kernel go get it from