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Blogging still dead

The fuzz around the Internet is that blogging is dead and I do believe that blogging is in this new era of social media.

So what is the plan? and why even having this blog in the first place? — Well the is an answer for that. Although, I’m well aware that blogging is not what it use to be, for me what matters is owning my own content without a 3rd party involvement.

Even if I write a bunch of crap! — Twitter, Instagram, and services like Medium don’t have shit to do with it. The content is on my domain, therefore my rules.

Having your platform nowadays is and super affordable, if you use services like Netlify and Github. You only will be investing less than $15 on your domain. This is not a rant about social media services, because they do serve their purposes as a whole, but this post is more about being content independent and keeping things simple in an era where blogging is reserved for the brave souls who take this task/hobby upon.

Starting a blog in 2020 may be a lost cause, but at least you’re the captain of your own ship whether it sinks or not.