Work in Progress

There still a lot of work that needs to be done before I can launch my HTML beginner’s guide.

To go into more detail, the guide is in the research stage. I’m gathering all the necessary information for me to start writing it. There still a lot of work that needs to be done, here is a preview of how it will be formatted.

The goal is to keep it as simple — and easy to read as possible. Not going to rush it, and I will take my time with each section. If you look around the web, there’re tons of HTML tutorials available already, in addition to all the YouTube videos1, PDF guides, and eBooks. As I stated before in my previous post, why not adding mother guide to the mix.

With my tutorial I’m aiming for simplicity, easy navigation for future references, and straight forward information. Again, slow progress is better than no progress.

Keep in mind that it is not easy to work full time remotely or at the office, being a dad, husband, and trying to fully master HTML, plus some CSS in order to complement all the necessary web skills to bring you a valuable guide.

As for now, I won’t be updating the blog for some time, since all my efforts will be redirected to doing research and writing the guide. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and it will be done. Don’t forget to visit back in a few weeks and the HTML guide is completed.

  1. A lot of them are great.

Thank you for stopping by — My name is Stan Disla and this is the very first blog post here at Pixebly of many more to come.

Currently, I’m giving this site the final design touches before launching a comprehensive beginner’s HTML guide from the ground and up that I’ve been working on for some time now. You might ask why HTML? well… simply because without it you won’t be able to read this post.

Additionally, before inspiring to learn any other language it is important to have some type of fundamental understanding about how HTML works before moving forward to something a bit more complex like CSS and Javascript, which are glued to HTML and you already know this if you’ve done your independent research on the subject.

The Internet is full of free resources and why not adding just another to the mix. As I publish the guide, it will also serve me as an enhancement to master my own HTML skills and beyond.

I was about to make the mistaking of going straight to Javascript, just to play around with all the frameworks and libraries, but it kicked my behind because I was being lazy about mastering HTML & CSS first.

Thereafter, this website was reborn again in what it is about to become now, a place where you and I can learn and master a new skill and evolve hopefully move on to the next one.

When it comes to learning there are no limitations as long we work hard and put in some effort in addition to time. No matter the age, if you’re 15 or 40, you already made the very first step in learning a new skill that will benefit you greatly moving forward on the Internet.

The plan is to eventually expand to CSS and perhaps go beyond to Javascript if everything goes well. But for now, all my focus and energy are concentrate on making the ultimate beginner’s friendly HTML guide — or at least one of the best if not the very best. There is a lot more to come, I welcome you yo follow me on this new journey.

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