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Playing with Linux

For the last few days, I got my mojo back and jumped back into Linux. My distro of choice is the amazing System76 Pop_OS!, that came by default with my laptop.

This post is not me bashing Windows 10, which I install a few weeks ago on my laptop and even paid for the pro key, because I was reminiscing of the good old days when I was on Windows full time, and then BOOM! I came back running to linux. — But there was another reason why I tried to go back to Windows, gaming. I got frustrated with my Linux setup because I was not able to run Fallout 4 on my machine. Later on, I realized that it was possible to run that game, the problem was my laptop, it needed more juice, well a good game graphic card.

Being on Windows I realized how much I like my freedom and control my OS. After a few days, I was missing more my old Linux setup. After some thought, I did the right thing and wiped out Windows 10 from my laptop and fresh install again Pop_OS! and never look back, ever again.

Lately, I’ve been stepping up my command line and vim game. As cliche this might sound the possibility with Linux are truly endless, especially if you care about freedom, optimization, and security.

A New Start

Hello World! with every new start, there is always some type of responsibility to be consistent, especially here online. For many, blogging in 2021 is a thing of the past, and if you want to make it today, you’ll have to involve with the current time trends there is no other way.

Pixebly has been a work in progress in progress project since 2019, and still here alive and kicking. This time around I’ll not make any long-term goal or promises for the site, I’ll just let it settle where is suppose to be and evaluate the best direction to take for this site to take off.

Maintaining a blog is not easy for a person with a full-time job, family, etc. — What I’m trying to say is that this site just needs that extract kick of inspiration and to unleash its full potation.

Don’t call this a comeback, but a fresh start over to a new future that holds endless possibilities.